Government Partners

Energy-Efficiency Services and Incentives for Municipal Buildings

Over the course of the program, technical consultants will survey major, energy-consuming systems within municipal facilities to identify potential for energy-saving opportunities:

  • Benchmarking: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Portfolio Manager Automated Benchmarking System (ABS) is a framework for exchanging data between EPA’s energy performance rating system and a third party Energy Service Provider’s (ESP) systems. Kern Energy Watch assists local governments to set up their accounts in the ABS, allowing continual, automatic monitoring of monthly usage data. Local governments can measure and track energy performance online to get a better idea of where to focus your energy efficiency efforts.
  • Energy efficiency retrofits: High-efficiency equipment or systems are installed directly by a third party contractor or self-installed by municipal staff.
  • Retro-commissioning: The facility’s existing equipment and control systems are evaluated for their efficiency. Repairs and enhances are performed, as needed, to save energy and costs.
  • Demand response opportunities: Local governments are made aware of PG&E’s, Southern California Edison’s, and Southern California Gas Company’s demand response programs, which enable customers to reduce energy use during times of peak demand and, in many cases, provide a financial incentive for participating.

Here’s how local governments in Kern County are taking advantage of these energy efficiency services and incentives: Save Energy  Take 5! for Energy Conservation Energy Efficiency Success Stories 

Take a Tip from the Top – Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Since the mid-1990s, Alameda County’s Energy Program, under the County’s General Services Agency (GSA), has been able to continually implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in County facilities. Two programs fund this success: a Designated Energy Fund and a departmental utility bill surcharge.

Codes and Standards Support

PG&E, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas Company provide Title 24 training and educational seminars regarding energy codes and standards for existing and future building designs. These courses are targeted to designers, engineers, architects, energy consultants, performance raters and building officials. Contact: PG&E Codes and Standards Group 1-925-415-6844

Training and Education

The Partnership helps communities assess the type of energy efficiency training and seminars that would help their municipal staff, industry professionals and local residents save energy. We then coordinate with PG&E, SCE and SoCalGas to facilitate training and classes.    Kern Energy Watch LGP Toolbox